The Hydropower Development Project Stardalen in Norway is Progressing
30 September 2019

Suomen Voima’s subsidiary SV Vesivoima Oy’s development project Stardalen has progressed according to the planned schedule. The sales agreement, signed in the end of 2018, grants shareholders close to 50 GWh annual emission-free electricity from the 17 MW run-of-river hydropower plant starting from spring 2021. The Norwegian company Tinfos AS is managing the development of the project and the finished plant will be delivered to SV Vesivoima as a turnkey project.

The Jostedalsbreen glacier can be seen in the picture. It is the largest glacier in mainland Europe. The picture was taken in 25.8.2019.

“The production profile of the plant deviates from a typical RoR hydropower plant due to a large proportion of inflow coming from the melting glacier which gives an excellent hedge against potential future hot and dry summers. In fact, the maximum power output of the plant occurs during the middle months of summer”, states the Director of Development Pekka Saijonmaa.

At the moment, an over 2 km intake tunnel is being built at the upstream of the river. Its purpose is to channel the water flow to the upcoming power plant. Around 700 m of the tunnel has already been blasted, the foundation of the plant itself is finished and the concrete works of the plant construction are ongoing. According to the planned schedule, the project is projected to be finished by the end of 2020.

The construction site next to the river. Picture taken in 25.8.2019.

“The Stardalen development project is a remarkable project for SV Vesivoima. It supplements the Norwegian hydropower production portfolio”, comments the CEO of SV Vesivoima Antti Vilkuna.


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