Suomen Voima and Etelä-Suomen Voima have merged as of 1.11.2019
1 November 2019

Suomen Voima Oy’s and Etelä-Suomen Voima Oy’s general meetings have decided in spring 2019 that the two companies will merge. Etelä-Suomen Voima will absorb Suomen Voima and the company’s assets, equity, debts, liabilities and rights will be transferred to Etelä-Suomen Voima. The shareholders of Suomen Voima will therefore receive Etelä-Suomen Voima’s new shares as compensation.

The fusion is clearly justified. The two parties involved in the fusion process are operating in very close collaboration, in practice as one company already. The parties have, except one, all of the same shareholders, CEO, employees and management, accountant and partially the same board members. Therefore, by merging the two companies together clarifies the company structure.

As of 1.11.2019 the two companies will continue as Etelä-Suomen Voima Oy and use its business identity code (1000864-7). The name of Etelä-Suomen Voima will be changed to Suomen Voima in early 2020.


The company’s billing information:

– Paper invoice:

Etelä-Suomen Voima Oy

PL 95

06101 Porvoo

– e-invoice:

e-invoice address/OVT 003710008647

e-invoice operator 003714377140

– e-mail:

The prioritized billing format is e-invoice.


Additional information related to the fusion:

– Antti Vilkuna, CEO, Suomen Voima Oy (

– Henri Paatela, Manager of Finance and Administration, Suomen Voima Oy,

(, 040 840 9494)

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