Suomen Voima Acquires Tryggestad Kraft AS
19 May 2020

Suomen Voima Oy has acquired the Norwegian company Tryggestad Kraft AS on 15.5.2020. The target of the acquisition has been the Litlebø small-scale hydropower plant, located in the municipality of Stranda. The plant has been commissioned and operational since 2011. Both Tryggestad and the nearby situated SV Vesivoima Oy’s Stardalen development project (estimated COD 2021) are both a significant part of Suomen Voima’s renewable energy investment program.

The annual power production of the plant is approximately 22 GWh and its nominal power 7,4 MW. The plant is located in the conjunction point of the Nibbedalselva and Langedalselva rivers, and utilizes both for its power production. The Norwegian small-scale hydropower specialized company Bekk og Strøm will be in charge of the operative maintenance of the power plant. Both Suomen Voima and SV Vesivoima have a long and strong collaboration history with the company.

The Litlebø hydropower plant produces on average 22 GWh of renewable energy annually.

The façade of the plant has been designed by the architecture company Slyngstad Aamlid Arkitekter. Mainly natural building materials, such as wood and stone has been used, which makes the building blend in neatly with the verdant environment. The CEO of Suomen Voima, Antti Vilkuna, gives a comment on the recently acquired power plant, “Tryggestad Kraft has a beautiful power plant, which fits nicely into our production portfolio and we are satisfied to produce green energy in this region.”

Both the 9 landowners behind the hydropower plant and Tryggestad Kraft AS’ chairman of the board Jan Ove Tryggestad are satisfied with the transaction. The chairman of board comments the deal, “We have proven that we can succeed in operating the hydropower plant alone, considering both the development and operative aspects of the plant. The process has however also been challenging, and overall a tough process that has involved both up and downhills. Considering the transaction, we are glad that the plant gets a team with strong and experienced knowledge behind it.”

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