The Wind Park Projects Parha and Hankila Will Continue to Be Built Throughout the Winter
2 October 2020

Suomen Voima made a final decision in 2019 to invest in Puhuri Oy’s wind park projects Parha and Hankila. The total capacity of the wind parks will be altogether 101 MW. The turbine manufacturer was chosen to be Vestas in both projects. Parha will consist of 10 V162 5,6 MW turbines with 162 m rotors and Hankila of 8 similar turbines. The tip height of the turbines will be 230 m in Parha and 250 m in Hankila.

Ground and foundation works are advancing with good phase at the worksite of Parha in Parhalahti, Pyhäjoki. The construction of the lifting areas and roads are nearly completed. The foundations are currently being built and eight out of the ten foundations have already been cast.

All the foundations will be anchored to the bedrock, which will reduce the size of the foundations. The anchoring process is also currently ongoing. The company Pentti Hämeenaho Oy is in charge of the ground works and Suomen Maastorakentajat Oy of the foundation works.

Suomen Maastorakentajat Oy has been chosen as the contractor at the Hankila wind park work site located in Hankilanneva, Haapavesi. They will be responsible for both the ground and foundation works including the installation of the park’s internal power transmission cables. The aforementioned works will begin this month and will be completed in the summer of 2021.

The erection process of the wind turbines at both sites will be commenced during late summer of 2021 and the planned commercial production will begin in early 2022.

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