Suomen Voima Invests in Keso and Kaukanen Wind Farm Projects
31 March 2021

Puhuri Oy made an investment decision regarding the construction of Keso and Kaukasen wind farms. Seven wind turbines will be built in Keso in the city of Haapavesi and eight wind turbines will be built in Kaukanen wind farm in the area of ​​the city of Kannus. The value of the total investment is just over 100 MEUR.

According to CEO Antti Vilkuna, Keso’s project is excellently suited for wind power production, e.g. due to its location, sparse population and proximity to power lines. The project is located on land partly owned by Puhuri.

“The city of Haapavesi is very satisfied with Puhuri Oy’s decision to invest in wind power, clean energy production in the area of ​​the city of Haapavesi. The impact of wind power construction on the municipal economy is significant. In this way, it is possible to secure the services of local residents and invest in e.g. business,” commented Anri Kolehmainen, Chairman of the City Board.

The project will be built according to the plan that came into force in 2020. The wind turbines coming to the area are 247 m high and have a rotor diameter of 162 m.

“The plan for the Kaukanen project has been ready for several years, but the project became only ready for investment now. The wind farms coming to Kaukanen are the same as in Keso, but slightly lower due to the plan regulations,” says Harri Ruopsa, Project Development Manager.

“The launch of the Kaukanen wind farm project is an excellent event. The Kuuronkallio wind farm is already in operation in Kannus and construction work on Mutkalammi park is underway. So not two without a third,” says Mayor Jussi Niinistö.

Keso and Kaukanen wind farms are owned by Tuulikaarron Voima Oy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Puhuri. Both parks will be in production in early 2023.


For more information:

Tuomas Ylimaula, Wind Power Manager, Puhuri Oy    +358 504 549 289

Harri Ruopsa, Project Developer Manager, Puhuri Oy      +358 400 730 793

Antti Vilkuna, CEO, Puhuri Oy       +358 440 220 919

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