Stardalen Hydropower Plant Fully Operational since 5/2021
24 September 2021

Suomen Voima’s subsidiary, SV Vesivoima Oy’s (SV Vattenkraft Ab) fully owned Stardalen hydropower plant has been fully operational since May this year. The Norwegian hydropower development company Tinfos AS has been building the power plant since the SPA was signed in fall, 2018. Finally, after the trial period, the project was handed over to SV Vesivoima on 15.7.2021 as a turnkey delivery project.

Stardalen hydropower plant. Picture taken in July, 2021.

Stardalen is a modern 17 MW run-of-river hydropower plant producing renewable emission-free power with two 6,8 MW and a 3,4 MW Francis turbines. The plant is located in Sunnfjord, in the NO3 price area. SV Vesivoima owns also Befring and Tryggestad power plants in the area.

The plant produces on average close to 50 GWh of electricity per year. The production profile of Stardalen differs from typical run-of-river plants, as a large portion of the yearly inflow originates from the largest glacier on continental Europe and hence the inflow is distributed more evenly throughout the year. Further, this leads to an excellent hedge towards periods of low precipitation.

Stardalen project reflects SV Vesivoima’s ambitious journey in building substantial and high-quality small-scale hydro portfolio in Norway in excellent co-operation with local service providers and landowners”, says Suomen Voima’s Director of Development Pekka Saijonmaa.

Inside the machine hall. Picture taken in July, 2021.

Krafthuset AS acted as buy side advisor in the process.

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