Boen Foss Hydropower Plant Fully Operational since 2/2021
8 December 2021

The SV Vesivoima’s Boen Foss hydropower plant was finished in the beginning of 2021 and has been running fully since February. SV Vesivoima acquired the old power plant in 2018 after which the plant was completely rebuilt. The annual production of the plant was increased from around 6 GWh/a to the level of 23 GWh/a.

The plant is located in the scenic landscape next to Boen rapids within the borders of Kristiansand in the Tovdal watercourse. The plant utilizes only around 40% of the river flow and hence ensures natural white water in the Boen rapids. The location is also known from its great salmon fishing and great emphasis has been invested to ensure fish migration past the plant.

The construction work was managed by Bekk og Strøm AS and the operation management is conducted by Cadre AS.

Boen Foss power plant produces power with a Z-type Kaplan turbine.

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