Parha and Hankila Wind Farms Commenced Operations
5 July 2022

Puhuri Oy’s Parha and Hankila wind farms were inaugurated on June 29th and 30th. The wind farms are Suomen Voima’s third and fourth wind farms and will more than triple SV’s wind production as SV owns approximately 45 % of both wind farms.

Hankila wind farm from the air.

Parha is located in Pyhäjoki and consists of ten V162 5,6 MW wind turbines with a hub height of 166 m. Hankila is located in Haapavesi and consists of eight V162 5,6 MW wind turbines with a hub height of 166 m. Tip height of the turbines in both farms is 247 m. All of the turbines are supplied by Vestas and the annual combined yearly production of both farms is more than 300 GWh.

Hankila wind farm from the ground.

The combined investment value of the both farms is around 110 MEUR and the investment decision was done in 2019. The construction and ground works were conducted during 2019-2021 and the installation of the turbines during 2021-2022 winter. Both wind farms will be operated by Puhuri Oy.

Puhuri Oy’s and Suomen Voima’s CEO Antti Vilkuna turning on Parha’s WTG-9 in the old-fashioned way on June 29th. Next to Antti Vilkuna can be seen Arto Veikkola, the host of Parha’s inauguration ceremony.

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