Keso and Kaukanen Wind Farms started their Commercial Operation
1 April 2023

The Keso and Kaukanen wind farms, both located in Northern Osterbothnia, are since 1.3.2023 commercially operational. Keso’s wind farm consists of 7 WTGs and Kaukanen of 8 WTGs, both equipped with Vestas V162 6,0 MW turbines.  Keso is located in Haapavesi and Kaukanen in Kannus. The tip heights at the farms reach almost 250m and the total annual production is more than 250 GWh.

Both of the farms are owned by Tuulikaarron Voima Oy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Puhuri Oy. Suomen Voima is entitled to circa 26 % of the farms’ production, meaning more than 60 GWh of green and renewable production to the owners of Suomen Voima who have participated in the financing of the projects. In total, Suomen Voima now has 5 wind farms in its portfolio owned through Puhuri.

The development of Keso was commenced in 2018 and Kaukanen in 2014. The investment decision was finalized in spring of 2021. The building was commenced in late 2021 and commercial operation started in early 2023 as estimated.

Keso wind farm on a rainy day.

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