Keso and Kaukanen Wind Farms were Officially Inaugurated
15 June 2023

The Keso and Kaukanen wind farms, both located in Northern Osterbothnia, were officially inaugurated in May. Both of the farms are owned by Tuulikaarron Voima Oy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Puhuri Oy.

The inauguration ceremonies took place on the 16th and 17th of May with many stakeholders attending. The first ceremony was held in Kannus where the Kaukanen wind farm is located and the second ceremony on the next day was held in Haapavesi where the Keso wind farm is located. Keso’s inauguration ceremony was followed by a seminar held in Haapaveden Opisto. The Energia- ja talousseminaari is a seminar where known speakers from the industry are invited to hold presentations and discuss energy and finance related topics. The materials of the seminar can be found from Puhuri’s website.

The wind farms have been commercially operational since 1.3.2023. Keso’s wind farm consists of 7 WTGs and Kaukanen of 8 WTGs, both equipped with Vestas V162 6,0 MW turbines. The tip heights at the farms reach almost 250m and the total annual production is more than 250 GWh. Suomen Voima is entitled to circa 26 % of the farms’ production, meaning more than 60 GWh of green and renewable production to the owners of Suomen Voima who have participated in the financing of the projects.


Keso’s inauguration ceremony in Haapavesi. Photo by Puhuri.

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